Donald Trump Mocks Jeb Bush for ‘Meeting with Mommy and Daddy’ to Boost Campaign

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump mocked establishment competitor Jeb Bush for “meeting with Mommy and Daddy” at an emergency Houston fundraiser meant to shock life into the younger Bush’s struggling campaign.

“Bush has no money. He’s meeting today with Mommy and Daddy, and they’re working on his campaign. He’s a guy [who] wants to run our country and he can’t even run his own campaign. Think of it,” Trump said at a Jacksonville, Florida, rally, according to The Hill. “You have all these people, what do you need these people for?” he said. “I put up less money than everyone else, and I’m number one.”

Trump leads in Florida with 22 percent support, while the Sunshine State’s former governor comes in fourth with only nine percent.

Bush raised $13.3 million last quarter, while Trump, who has declared he is self-funding his campaign and has ordered superPACs supporting him to return money to donors, raised $3.9 million. Only seven percent of Bush’s contributions come from small donors who gave less than $200. But small donors sent Trump millions; 72 percent of the billionaire’s donations were under $200, and the average contribution to his campaign totaled $50.24.

Bush plans to retreat to Texas this weekend to meet with Bush bundlers and the big movers in the donor class. He also plans to slash payroll by 40 percent and downsize his Miami headquarters to half its original capacity during the final 100-day stretch before the Iowa caucus.

As of this week, Bush continues to stagnate at seven percent in the polls nationwide. Only 12 percent of Republican voters expect him to win the nomination, the ABC News/Washington Post poll found. Trump maintained a double-digit lead at 32 percent, and 40 percent of respondents expected him to clinch the party’s nomination.

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