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Wikipedia Heroes Fix Ben Carson Pedophilia Problem After Breitbart Report

Facebook / Dr. Ben Carson

WASHINGTON – When presidential contender Ben Carson takes the stage for Wednesday night’s Republican debate in Colorado, he will no longer have to contend with a search-engine trick that linked his good name to a group of unabashed boy molesters.

Breitbart News reported Tuesday that Internet trolls were causing the Wikipedia page for the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) to show up as a prominently featured related link on Carson’s top Google search result.

Carson’s Rick Santorum-style Google problem rankled his campaign, which contacted Google to fix the work of the “pranksters.” But the campaign’s calls for help went unheeded. Until now.

The Wikipedia editor “Schematica” posted a link to our Breitbart article on the “Talk” page for Carson’s Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia editor “goethean” responded by removing the direct link to the NAMBLA page that was previously featured on Carson’s page, alongside his quote briefly mentioning NAMBLA months ago in order to make a point on “Hannity.” A link to “bestiality” was also removed from the page Wednesday by a different Wikipedia editor.

As of Wednesday morning, NAMBLA is no longer haunting the top of Carson’s Google search results.


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