Senator Claims He Was Allegedly Threatened By Father of Slain VA Reporter

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On October 28 Virginia state senator William M. Stanley Jr. (R-Franklin) told police that Andy Parker–father of slain VA reporter Alison Parker–had allegedly threatened him.

Stanley’s concern centered on a Facebook message he received from Parker, which said, “I’m going to be your worst nightmare you little bastard.”

According to The Washington Post, Stanley said he is only aware of opposing one bill in the past that Parker wanted him to support–a bill that had nothing to do with guns–yet he believes Parker somehow holds him culpable in Alison’s death.

Stanley said:

From the very beginning, he turned on me as if I had something to do with the horrible death of his daughter. It’s not rational, but nevertheless, when I was asked about it, I said, ‘Let him grieve. If I have to be the object as he works through this, fine.’ But this goes beyond the pale.

After Stanley alerted authorities, Parker responded by standing by his Facebook post, saying it was political in nature and intended no physical threat. Parker said, “I don’t own a gun. I have a pellet gun, that’s it. . . . If he thinks I’m going to be a threat to him other than a political threat, that is just mind-boggling.”

Parker then used the media attention to address Stanley once more, saying, “Thank you again for providing me another opportunity to call you out in the press because I ‘frightened’ you, You’re the only person I know that would try to turn me into a threatening bad guy. I love it.”

It should be noted that while Parker claims to only own a pellet gun now, he made very clear that he was going to buy a gun following the death of his daughter. On August 28 the Associated Press reported Parker saying he would “have to buy [a gun] now that he is going to be a public advocate for stronger gun laws.”

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