Don Lemon on Hillary Protest: Black Lives Matter Activists ‘Need to Grow Up’

Friday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” while discussing Black Lives Matter protesters interrupting Hillary Clinton at a rally today, Don Lemon said the protesters “need to grow up.”

Lemon said, “John Lewis, you said an activist and corrected yourself, Wolf, and said icon and I would add legend, someone who when he walks into the room, I get very quiet with reverence because he’s a person who marched with Dr. King and part of the reason I’m able to sit here on television now and be in the position that I’m in. And if you don’t respect him who asks you to have some manners, at least, and listen to Secretary Clinton, then I don’t know who you will listen to. Listen, I know that Black Lives Matter, you know, it was formed out of anger, but now they are at the table and their tactics need to change. They need to grow up and start listening. Hillary Clinton is an ally. Nothing says Black Lives Matter or don’t matter when you’re shouting down an ally. She wants to help. She’s open. She may very well be the next leader of the free world. You don’t want to shout that person down. You want that person in your corner to take care of issues.”

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