Marco Rubio Plans to Release Credit Card Records

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Sen. Marco Rubio promised that he would release credit card records that have brought intensified scrutiny to his financial habits when he was the leader of the Florida State House of Representatives.

“It’s been coming up for five years,” said Rubio, according to the Washington Post. “It wasn’t a credit card, it was a charge card. It was American Express. And every month I would get a bill in my home, and I would review it. And if it was something on it that was personal, I would pay it. And if it wasn’t, the party paid it.”

The card was issued by the Republican Party of Florida for party expenses. Rubio fought allegations of misusing the card during his 2010 Senate run against Charlie Crist, who made it a big part of his campaign.

Rubio’s records have never been made public before, but he told reporters that he would make them available in the “next few weeks.”


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