Clinton Laughs In Public As Supporter Fantasizes Strangling A Woman, Carly Fiorina

hillary clinton
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

The establishment media has repeatedly hammered Republican candidates for not rebuking questioners at campaign events who say things that progressives don’t like.

Their reluctance to immediately halt public appearances when unknown people shout comments about, say, President Obama’s religious beliefs, has been portrayed for days by the media as tacit acquiescence — or at least the willful indulgence — of supposed hatred and bigotry.

Now comes a beautiful opportunity for the media to prove they are not shameless partisan hacks.

On Tuesday, a male supporter at Hillary Clinton’s town-hall event in Derry, N.H., declared he wanted to throttle GOP 2016 candidate Carly Fiorina.

“Every time I see her on TV, I want to reach through and strangle her,” said the man, who claimed to be a former employee of Hewlett-Packard during Fiorina’s tenure as CEO.

Clinton didn’t merely ignore this comment – she laughed and delightedly exclaimed, “I wouldn’t mess with you.”

Get to work, media!  Find out who this man was, and give him the full “potential domestic terrorist” treatment!

Write your agonized screeds about the degeneration of public discourse in America.  Excoriate Hillary Clinton for not only tolerating, but encouraging, this violent language, instead of lecturing her supporter on his unacceptable words and reminding him about the “War on Women.” Lament how these Democrats are dehumanizing Fiorina instead of engaging with her ideas.

You’re the same media that held Sarah Palin responsible for the Tucson shootings because of symbols she used on a map the killer never saw.

You’re the media that would proclaim the end of a Republican campaign, if we had video of the candidate laughing about the idea of strangling Hillary Clinton.

Bloomberg News notes that Clinton was asked if her reaction was appropriate shortly after the event, and “she shook her head, suggesting she wasn’t going to engage with the question.” You would not accept that evasive response from a Republican candidate, media. You would talk about little else for days to come.

Let’s be blunt, media: you’ve got a lot of bruises on your face right now.

Public trust in your judgment is floating at all-time lows.  You just blew a couple of ridiculous politicized hits against Republican candidates, following a performance from biased debate moderators that went into the history books.

So you really need to prove you’re not just volunteers working for Clinton 2016.  This is a golden opportunity for you to run the stories that everyone in American knows you’d be writing about a Republican candidate this afternoon.

Take that opportunity, or watch your influence decline even further.


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