Poll: Donald Trump Won the Debate; Kasich, Bush Dead Last

Donald Trump
FOX Business/screenshot

After every Republican presidential debate all the Smart People like to sit around and smugly laugh at the Drudge Report’s online poll showing Donald Trump won the debate. Then a poll-poll comes out and shows Trump won the debate. This of course never shuts up the Smart People because feeling smug will always be more important to them than being correct. Anyway, according to a poll-poll, Trump won Tuesday night’s debate

A full 24% of those polled (debate viewers) chose Trump as the winner of the Fox Business Network’s presidential debate. Florida Senator Marco Rubio is virtually tied with 23% showing him as the winner.

The fact that Rubio came in such a close second also proves that the polls of these debates are not skewed by popularity. Nationally, Dr. Ben Carson is polling as well as Trump but only 13% called the retired neurosurgeon the winner. Ted Cruz tied with Carson at 13%.

Among Republican voters, Trump widens his first place lead over Rubio 28% to 23%. Cruz earns 16%; Carson 14%.

Everyone else was in single digits: Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina earned 7%; Jeb Bush 3%, John Kasich 2%. 


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