Donald Trump in Iowa: I Love Ethanol

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

FORT DODGE, IOWA – Billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump met with leaders of POET, an ethanol company here in Iowa, and some of the co-chairs of the American Renewable Fuels group to talk about the importance of ethanol.

The event was closed to the press, but they were expected to discuss the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard policy and the economic success of the company.

After the meeting, Trump rallied with supporters here in Fort Dodge and signaled his political support for the process as he appeared on stage.

“You know what? he said. “I went out to see some of the folks on the ethanol. Good stuff and great people, put a lot of people to work out here. I just want to thank them, they’re doing an amazing job.”

It was his only mention of ethanol during his over 90 minute speech, which touched on the subjects of illegal immigration, foreign policy, the economy, and the state of the media.

He also signaled his love for the state of Iowa.

“I may just buy a farm and move here. I like it. I love it!” he said as he was wrapping up his speech.

After the rally, one attendee shouted out to Trump as he was signing posters for supporters: “Mr. Trump, What do you think about ethanol?”

“I love it, I’m for it,” Trump said simply before exiting the stage.


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