In Iowa, Donald Trump Savages Mainstream Media

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets guests during a campaign stop at Iowa Central Community College on November 12, 2015 in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The stop comes on the heals of Tuesday's eight-candidate Republican debate in Milwaukee where a national poll of viewers declared Trump the winner. (Photo by
Scott Olson/Getty Images

FORT DODGE, IOWA – Billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump thrilled a crowd of over 13,000 supporters here during a speech that lasted over 90 minutes.

Trump spent time criticizing some of his fellow Republican candidates such as Ben Carson, Gov. John Kasich Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and even former New York Governor George Ptaki.

His most dramatic criticism, however, was saved for the mainstream media and the political pundits.

“The media is very dishonest, unbelievably dishonest, they’re terrible,” he said, just days after finishing his debate performance.

He said he thought he did well during the debate, but mocked pundits for suggesting he was “low key.” “I said ‘Low key? I was screaming at Kasich!” he said.

“I hate critics,” he continued. “You know these guys they criticize but they’ve never been able to do anything themselves … political critics, aren’t they the worst of all?”

He pointed out that political commentary was “very very dishonest” citing Fox News contributor George Will as “a bad one” and “a bad guy.” He also cited Charles Krauthammer as “getting a little bit better toward me” but pointed out that the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes wouldn’t like him even if he gave a speech as good as Abraham Lincoln.

He told a story about meeting a political commentator who bragged that he had prepared a critique of a politician’s speech, even though he hadn’t attend the event.

“You have some unbelievable scum you really do – they are just absolutely bad people and they are so totally dishonest,” he said. “It’s very unfair, and it really forces a lot of good people out.”

Trump insisted that after the debate, he won every online poll easily, but that most pundits ignored him. He added that there were some decent pundits like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Bill O’Reilly.

He also added that he was a fan of internet news pioneer Matt Drudge.

“Drudge is fantastic, Drudge is great,” he said.


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