Kristol: Trump Has ‘Screw Loose,’ Attack on Carson ‘Almost Literally Crazy’

Friday on NewsmaxTV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” editor of The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s attacks on his rival Dr. Ben Carson called into question Trump’s mental stability.

Kristol said, “Maybe Carson’s success has gotten under his skin. In a general sense, the Trump momentum has stalled out or maybe even turned over — turned downward a tad. So something got under his skin, that’s for sure. I mean the stuff on Carson is almost literally crazy. Ben Carson’s life literally has been an open book he has been a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins. I think we would know if there were deep dark secrets in his practice over twenty five, thirty years. He does seem to not have behaved in a pathological way. He seems to have cured any anger problems he has as a kid he said he cured them though a religious experience I mean really who is Donald Trump to question that? I mean its so inappropriate I think voters will look at that and think Donald Trump is the one who has bit of a screw loose not Ben Carson.”

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