Seven Things the Isis-Initiated Attacks Proved About the Policies of Obama and Clinton

White House Photo / Pete Souza
White House Photo / Pete Souza

The ISIS-initiated terrorist attacks in Paris prove at least seven things about the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton:

1. Strict gun laws clearly stop mass shootings.

2. ISIS is a JV team.

3. “We have contained” ISIS, as Obama declared on Good Morning America just hours before the attack.

4. We have nothing to worry about by allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees into the America.

5. When Obama proclaims a war is over, the war is over, regardless what the enemy thinks.

6. The police are the problem.

7. Islam has nothing to do with these attacks.

The world is spinning out of control. It is time for Oblimination–the complete reversal of President Obama’s (and Clinton’s) failed policies.


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