Donald Trump: Obama ‘Doesn’t have a Clue’ on Terror Threats to America, ‘Looked Like He Was Lost’

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GOP frontrunner Donald Trump slammed President Obama, saying he “doesn’t have a clue” about the threat of terrorist attacks posed by Syrian refugees in America following the attack in Paris last Friday in which one of the terrorists was embedded as a refugee.

“This President doesn’t have a clue or he does have a clue and he has evil intentions – I don’t know,” Trump told radio host Howie Carr on Tuesday. “I find that hard to believe, [but] a lot of people think that.”

This isn’t a question of refugees. This is a question of safety for our people for our country. This is a question of Trojan horse. This could be the ultimate Trojan horse where people are coming in under the guise that we are taking care of them and they end up blowing up big parts of our cities.

“He doesn’t seem to be in any rush,” Trump said about Obama following the attack in Paris. “It just doesn’t seem important to him. It’s an incredible thing.”

“They’re going to be coming here next,” Trump warned. “They see the level of leadership we have and they’re probably thinking about things they never thought of before,” adding, “It’s very sad to watch.”

Trump said when Obama spoke at the G-20 meeting in Turkey, he looked like “an angry man” and “looked like he was lost.”

He said that regarding the Syrian refugees, there’s “no idea where they come from, who they are, there’s no paperwork – no documentation.” “Honestly, they don’t even have paperwork, we don’t know where they are,” he stressed.

“It’s so sad. You know the damage one or two can do,” Trump told Carr. “One or two or five or seven would do unbelievable damage.”

Trump said the Gulf countries closer to Syria “should certainly help with the money. They have more money than anybody.”

Carr played a soundbite of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush saying the Statue of Liberty is supposed to be a welcoming symbol. Trump countered, “It doesn’t say give us your criminals, but that could be the case,” adding that America can’t take the chance.

Carr mentioned that Bush is now at three percent in the polls and said that he had made a comment that by the next debate Trump will be on the decline.

“Well, you know, they’ve been saying that for the last five months and every month I tend to go up,” Trump shot back.


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