Planned Parenthood Launches 2016 $20 Million Campaign Against Pro-Life Candidates: ‘You’re About to Be in For a Very Rude Awakening’


Planned Parenthood is warning all candidates who hope to win elections in 2016 that if they are not supportive of abortion on demand, they will have to deal with the nation’s largest abortion provider and its new $20 million campaign.

“Today we have a clear message for every politician who has threatened access to reproductive health care,” executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) Dawn Laguens said in a statement announcing the “I Vote Planned Parenthood Action” campaign. “You’re about to be in for a very rude awakening.”

Demonstrating the strong alliance between the militant pro-abortion and LGBT agendas, Laguens continues to seek out the support of minority and low-income voters:

You cannot embrace policies that dismiss the lives of women, of the LGBTQ community, of people of color, of low-income families, of young people, and expect to be elected by the American people. We’ve already seen millions across the country rise up against attacks on reproductive health care, and now, with the launch of I Vote Planned Parenthood Action, we’re getting organized. Make no mistake — the fight for 2016 starts today.

Still reeling from a series of undercover videos exposing the abortion business’ apparent practices of selling the body parts of unborn babies on the open market and altering the position of babies during abortions in order to harvest their intact organs, Planned Parenthood has been on defense over the past several months. Various congressional committees have been investigating the organization since the release of the videos, and a new House Select Panel has been formed to probe further into Planned Parenthood’s practices.

The group that claims abortion is “women’s healthcare,” however, is being helped by its close Democrat Party allies, some of whom have been appointed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to the special investigative panel.

As Breitbart News reported earlier in November, the six Democrats appointed to the panel have received thousands of dollars in total campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood itself, as well as abortion lobbying groups EMILY’s List and NARAL.

In a statement to Breitbart News, Rep. Diane Black – a GOP member of the House Select Panel probing Planned Parenthood – said, “We should not be surprised that Planned Parenthood would try to stack the deck with politicians who will look the other way when the organization faces legal and ethical turmoil.”

In the new video to launch Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s 2016 campaign, president Cecile Richards asserts:

Extremists made the 2016 election about attacking reproductive rights.

Enough is enough. With our supporters, we’re launching “I Vote Planned Parenthood Action.” We’ll organize and mobilize to elect lawmakers who are in our corner.

And politicians who side with these extremists, you are NOT my candidate.

We’re paying attention and we VOTE.

As CNN reports, Planned Parenthood is planning to spend at least $20 million fighting pro-life candidates in 2016.

“I have no doubt they will spend big to prop up candidates who support their position of abortion on demand, at any moment in pregnancy, funded off the backs of American taxpayers,” Black added. “We in the pro-life movement, and more broadly, Americans who understand abortion is simply not ‘health care,’ must be equally prepared to fight back with the truth.”

For Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America – the nation’s largest organization of pro-life youth – Planned Parenthood’s announcement of the amount it will spend on its new campaign reeks of hypocrisy.

“So Planned Parenthood is crying ‘poor me, don’t take my federal money’ when they are planning to spend upwards of $20 million this election cycle?” Hawkins tells Breitbart News.

“That’s almost laughable if it weren’t true,” she adds. “Why not put that money into their supposed healthcare facilities and help poor women obtain so-called ‘quality healthcare’? Or why not comply with state laws that demand abortion facilities operate within the same standards as other surgical facilities, or widen their hallways for the inevitable emergency, instead of whining about closing their doors?”

Planned Parenthood’s campaign will supposedly include “grassroots forums taking place across the country, where key volunteers and supporters will come together to discuss a policy agenda and make plans for holding politicians accountable.” The states of “Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin — alongside communities of color and LGBTQ communities” are considered to be key target areas for the campaign. In addition, the group plans an ad buy for key states, such as New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, tells Breitbart News that while Planned Parenthood kicks off its new campaign, so is his organization.

“One of the differences between their campaign and ours is that while they rally their troops to elect more politicians who cannot respect the lives of little babies, we will mobilize voters to elect public servants who know the difference between serving the public and killing the public,” he explains. “The other difference between our campaign and that of Planned Parenthood is that we will win and they will lose.”

Pavone continues:

The public grilling of Planned Parenthood has not helped their cause, but only revealed their callousness, and the callousness of the Democratic members of the three committees in the House of Representatives that have held hearings about Planned Parenthood’s practices. While quite capable of mustering outrage against pro-life people and Republicans, these hypocrites could not express one ounce of outrage over the dismemberment of living children or the sale of their body parts.

That simply does not play well with voters who, across political lines and even across “pro-life/pro-choice” lines, have expressed their outrage at what has been exposed.

Pavone says Priests for Life will expose the Democrat members of the congressional committees that are investigating Planned Parenthood.

“We will expose the attitude of the Democrat Party itself toward late-term abortion and other atrocities of the abortion industry,” he adds. “We are confident that we will find once again that the last thing these abortion supporters want to talk about is abortion — and when you can’t even talk about what you’re trying to defend, that’s a clear sign that you are on the losing side.”

Hawkins says Planned Parenthood should hold off on spending its $20 million war chest.

“Cecile Richards should save that money for her legal defense fund,” she says.


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