Flashback: Hillary Clinton Receives The Woodrow Wilson Award

Hillary Clinton and Woodrow Wilson Getty Images White House Photo
Getty Images /White House Photo

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton recently accepted an award named for beleaguered historical figure President Woodrow Wilson.

Protesters are agitating for the removal of Wilson’s name from its Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs due to the former president’s well-documented racist views. After a 32-hour sit-in by student demonstrators, the university is now mulling a name change.

Wilson, a hawkish progressive Democrat, shares many policy similarities with Hillary Clinton, who had no qualms about pocketing a prize named for Wilson in 2012.

The Woodrow Wilson Center, a neoconservative-leaning think tank, gave Clinton its Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service at a gala event in April 2012.

Clinton gave a long foreign policy speech at the event, saying that she is “encouraged and grateful” for the work of the Wilson Center and affirming the need for government partnerships with organizations like the Wilson Center, which she called a “wonderful resource.”

Democrat Woodrow Wilson was an avowed white racist who screened the pro-Ku Klux Klan movie The Birth of a Nation at the White House and praised its factual accuracy after the screening. Wilson was a staunch proponent of segregation.

Wilson also was responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax in the United States.



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