Feminist Uses Her Own Vaginal Yeast Infection to Bake Bread

Feminist Sourdough Bread Reuters

Feminist blogger Zoe Stavri caused an uproar when she announced on social media that she used the fluids from her own vaginal yeast infection to bake a loaf of bread.

The feminist, whose blog is called Another Angry Woman, noted that her bread “caused quite a lot of visceral horror” because she added “something a little bit unconventional in the starter: yeast from my vagina.”

Stavri claimed she used a sex aid to pull the yeast from her vagina and then used that fluid as a base ingredient to make the yeast starter for a loaf of sour-dough bread.

The blogger added her fluids to flour and water and then chronicled the fermentation process on her blog.

Stavri even had a demeaning name to call her bread using a hashtag containing the “C” word.

But it wasn’t long before people on social media began to criticize the woman’s experiment as evidence of her mental illness.

Stavri was called on her bizarre experiment, with many commenters saying that there is something “seriously wrong” with her, and some even said that she has ruined bread for them.

As the criticism grew, though, the woman began to ask supporters not to engage with critics but instead to donate money to her “art” causes.

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