Dear Democrats: Please Stop Politicizing Thanksgiving

“As you may have heard, for months, there has been a fierce competition between a bunch of turkeys trying to win their way into the White House,” snarked President Barack Obama, during the traditional presidential pardon of a turkey before Thanksgiving.

He didn’t quite get the laughs he was looking for, so he had to add, “Some of you caught that.”

Oh, we caught it, Mr. President. We’re all looking forward to the day we don’t have a bitter partisan cheap-shot artist in the White House, so we decided to just ignore you this time. It’s a common saying that the White House ages its occupants, but Obama acts more and more like a petulant child as the clock runs out on his presidency.

Here’s George W. Bush at his final turkey pardon in 2008, after years of Democrats savaging him in the most vicious terms possible and questioning his very humanity. Somehow he managed to get through it without any partisan cheap shots:

It’s not just the turkey-pardoning ceremony. The Democrats have done their worst to turn every aspect of Thanksgiving into a bitter political feud. On Monday, the White House actually instructed Americans to turn their Thanksgiving meals into political harangues about gun control.

Obama’s political machine has been cranking out ObamaCare talking-points memos for its followers to bring to Thanksgiving dinners for years, inspiring a new annual tradition of left-wing media creating “How to Talk to Your Right-Wing Relatives On Turkey Day” guides. The Democratic National Committee has a ditzy propaganda website called dedicated to this purpose.

After Thanksgiving, it’s full steam ahead into a hyper-politicized Yuletide season for Democrats, with everything from the infamous “Pajama Boy” ObamaCare ad—which did, at least, provide some holiday cheer by prompting a slew of hilarious parodies—to the usual dreary effort at purging Christian themes from the Winter Solstice, Year-End Celebration, or whatever they’re trying to rename it this year.

Can’t we just back away from the partisan politics for a few days and enjoy time with our families? What kind of person looks at Thanksgiving tables and thinks, “We can’t let this valuable social asset go to waste! We need to infuse it with political propaganda and see if we can get families screaming at each other about gun control and socialized medicine!”

It’s the kind of person who can’t stand the thought of leaving part of Americans’ personal lives in the embrace of faith and family, that’s who—also, politicians haunted by the suspicion their loyal followers have no idea how to interact with normal people.


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