Donald Trump Rises to 38% Nationally; Ted Cruz Edges into 2nd at 12%

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Since last week, in the Reuters 5-day tracking poll, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has gained two points and risen to 38%.  This time last week the billionaire businessman earned 36% support. Despite the DC Media’s best efforts to take him out, Trump appears to be gaining support from a public that no longer trusts the DC Media, and for an endless supply of very good reasons.

Trump has slipped a bit since mid-week, when he rose to as high as 43%. Regardless, his closest competition is Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is a whopping 26 points away at just 12%. Of note is that for the first time, Cruz has passed Dr. Ben Carson for second place in this poll, but only by a tenth of a point. Cruz has gained ground while Carson has slowly lost support. Twelve days ago, Carson enjoyed 20% support.

Establishment flavor-of-the-month Marco Rubio remains flat with 8% support.

The early states tell only a little different story. The Real Clear Politics poll of polls shows Trump up by only +5% in Iowa. Cruz appears to be surging there. But in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida, he’s up +15%, +6% and +14%, respectively.

Nothing in the polls in any way reflects the DC Media’s wishful thinking that Trump is crumbling, or that Rubio is rising.

The only chink in Trump’s otherwise impenetrable armor is Cruz’s rise in Iowa.

Nevertheless, Iowa is less than 70 days away and we are now heading into a 45 day blackout period through Christmas (can I still say that?).

Oh, and tell me again about Trump’s ceiling, DC Media.


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