Robert Davi: Donald Trump is the John Wayne of Politics


I cannot sit back and listen to the media continually outright defame Donald Trump. I will not remain silent any longer.

I am watching the pundits and media hosts continually bash Donald Trump and call him a liar over his claim that Muslims in New Jersey were cheering and celebrating over the Towers coming down. I watched Chuck Todd get apoplectic while interviewing Trump and almost demand that Trump admit he lied about the incident. Then on CNN, Katrina vanden Heuvel suggested the media must hold Trump accountable for lying. Actually she kept saying Bush, but then corrected herself. It seemed as if she was in a time warp. She probably was since she did her thesis on McCarthy and is still reeling that McCarthy was 99 percent correct in fingering the communists in our government. Anyway, she displayed a venom and hatred for lying. Bravo, Katrina. Now how about being duplicitous?

The absurd thing in all this is if Trump can be accused of anything it’s exaggeration, not lying. I myself remember hearing reports and seeing footage both here and overseas of some reactions to the Towers coming down that were not expressions of sympathy for the victims. While we may say the majority of our Muslim brothers and sisters did not celebrate, some actually did. Recall the footage we recently witnessed of the soccer game in Turkey when a moment of silence turned into a massive amount of people shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Do you think folks may forget seeing that in 14 years? I know of things I will never write about because it is too inflammatory, but I will say this, if you haven’t seen Steve Emerson’s 1994 PBS Frontline documentary called “Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America,” perhaps you should. It is a clear indication all is not peace and ice cream inside some of the mosques in America.

Getting back to Katrina and her insistence on media not letting candidates lie, this statement by her and all the vitriol we see from the media because of Trump is a wonderful thing to behold. Why didn’t she demand that President Obama, who lied to us about being able to keep our doctors and healthcare plans under Obamacare, be held accountable with the same vehemence she does for Trump? Or what about the President denying his involvement with Bill Ayers or the Reverend Wright and “God Damn America,” or Benghazi, etc.? Lie after lie after lie and not a peep from Katrina. Why? Why are they making such an issue out of something that did happened to some extent and not about the lies of the left?

We should thank God that Trump is in this race. The media and the establishment are terrified. They all have their instructions and they are in lockstep. You see, my dear fellow Americans, if Trump wins the gig is up. He will set back the destruction of America, and the globalists are in a panic. They paint Trump and his supporters as racist and uneducated. Well, guess what – I am neither and I know quite a few people who are for Trump. Some will not openly come out and say they support him because they’re afraid of being falsely labeled by some here in Hollywood.

The pathetic attack that Kasich took with his Super PAC ad trying to equate Trump with Hitler is disgusting. It’s essentially saying that those of us who support Trump are Nazis as well. Kasich, by the way, is a huge supporter of Common Core, as is Jeb Bush. Trump rejects Common Core. Kasich likes to boast of his education record in Ohio, but he had to doctor the results to get that record. Kasich had his state “interpret” the Common Core test scores differently than other states in order to “inflate the performance” of Ohio students. Have you heard the media call him out for this? Kasich needs to drop out.

Nothing will change in America with Kasich or any of these other candidates. Nothing. It will slow down a bit or get worse, but the current direction will continue until there is nothing left of this country. We will have a multicultural hellhole that eventually will be destroyed. The last line of defense is Donald Trump. With his brash, politically incorrect posturing, Donald Trump is holding a mirror up to the hypocrisy that has become America – a drug addicted, weak, and rudderless nation fluttering on the brink of being dismantled from within.

For too long the media and educational system has blanketed the nation, like a colossal fog, deceptively leading us to the slaughter. Every time I hear the media say, “Well, that isn’t American,” when people speak of wanting to control the unassimilated flow of immigrants, I want to answer, “It isn’t American when those sucking off the tit of our nation do not respect it enough to want to assimilate.” The country is being raped by those on the left and right who are not demanding immigrants assimilate. The liberal media wants the establishment to further bury this nation. When Khrushchev said, “We will bury you,” little did we think it would be the left and right in America colluding to bury us.

Trump is the only one who has continually challenged the media, and that now has rubbed off on other candidates. He has empowered others. The difference is in authenticity. Trump leads the pack and sets the agenda. The others follow.

So while Obama is blaming the media for the rise of ISIS and propagating the global warming argument, and while some in the media are agreeing with his assessment just so he doesn’t appear incompetent in his response to terrorism, they are holding Trump accountable for their misrepresentation and deceit. What a twisted world we are living in. Cole Porter’s song “Anything Goes” was never more relevant.

If Ronald Reagan was the Gary Cooper of politics, Trump is the John Wayne. So, pilgrim, I’d rather have a President Trump who tells it like it is than a deceiver who feeds us sugarcoated poison at bedtime, only to have us wake up dead.

P.S. This video shows the reporter who Trump is accused of imitating. What do you think? Was he imitating the reporter, or is this the media being subversively on the attack?


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