Donald Trump: We Should Take Oil From ISIS

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

During an exclusive interview on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily today, host Stephen K. Bannon led off by asking businessman and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump his opinions on events in Turkey.

Breitbart has been following the story for weeks and now Russia is upping the ante over the alleged connections: Russia has ‘more proof’ ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he’ll resign if it’s true. The allegation is that Turkey is profiting from its relationship with ISIS based upon the region’s oil

For his part, Trump insisted he’s also been pointing out the oil issue for some time. There’s a lot of “angst and anguish” in Turkey right now, said Trump. Turkey “has been a good partner but things are getting very complicated because you have ISIS – you have Assad in Syria, where they’re fighting ISIS and we’re supposed to be fighting I guess both according to the Obama administration. Lots of times that doesn’t work out too well. How are you going to fight both? The people that we are fighting for against Assad are rebels that we have no idea who they are.”…. Turkey looks like they’re on the side of ISIS, more or less, based on the oil.”

Trump cited his negotiating skills and ability to handle complex situations as two strengths he’d bring to the Oval Office as President. He also criticized the Obama administration for not “putting the bombs in the right places” in the fight against ISIS.

Trump added, “I’ve been saying for years, attack the oil. But I said a step further, attack it but keep it. I want to keep the oil.” The businessman also cited the “banks” as allegedly “pouring money into ISIS” as a result of oil transactions.

For comparison, Trump mentioned the huge cost of the Iraq War, saying, “we wound up with nothing.” Trump blamed that on “stupid leadership.” Trump suggested some of the region’s oil resources could have gone to help support struggling returning U.S. veterans.

Trump reiterated his position that we shouldn’t have destabilized the Middle east by going into Iraq. The complete interview is available below.


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