Trump: Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Run For President

: A supporter holds up a personalized license plate labeled 'Trump16' during a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on November 23, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. Trump spoke about immigration and Obamacare, among other topics, to around 14,000 supporters at the event.
Ty Wright/Getty Images

Donald Trump says that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be allowed to run for president, and adds that her greatest legacy is that “she was a horrible Secretary of State.”

Trump, appearing on the Alex Jones show, discussed the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election and declared that she shouldn’t be able to run in the first place.

“She is so corrupt, she shouldn’t even be allowed to run” Trump said. “Frankly, her greatest legacy is she was a horrible Secretary of State.”

He added that, “If she runs, I think her greatest legacy will be that she got out of the email scandal.”

“It will be one the greatest jobs, I’ve ever seen, of getting out of a scandal because General Petraeus, and many others, their lives have been destroyed for doing five percent of what she did.”

Host Alex Jones also asked Trump whether America is at a crossroads right now with this presidential election.

“I think this is going to the most important election our country has ever had…certainly in the modern era, this is the most important election our country has ever had,” Trump said. He also said that he is concerned that, “we’re not going to have a country anymore” because of America’s “weak borders.”

Trump discussed the problem of radical Islam and criticized President Obama for being in Paris at a global summit on climate change, instead of focusing on national security.

“You have a president that doesn’t want to even talk about the radical Muslim stuff,” said Trump.”He doesn’t even want to mention the word, he doesn’t want to say it.” He added that, “the best thing we have going with Obama is that he’s got a year left.”

“We have a president that’s over there celebrating global warming, trying to get everyone excited about global warming, like that’s our number one problem. He considers that to be our number one problem. Our number one problem is what’s going on–where they want to blow up our cities and blow up our country”

Trump not only blasted his Democratic rivals, he also went after Republicans for going to Washington and breaking their promise to end Obamacare.

“I’m the most disappointed in Republicans” Trump said.  “The problem with Republicans is they’ll try and fix it instead of get rid of it.”