Molly Ball: A Number Of Democrats Were ‘Really Offended’ By Obama’s Paris Response

Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” The Atlantic’s  Molly Ball said some Democrats “were really offended” by the way President Barack Obama responded to the Paris terrorist attacks.

Ball said, “I have spoke with a number of Democrats who were really offended by the way he responded to the Paris attacks. That the rhetoric that the sort of scolding of congress it really set back the agenda that the president was trying to promote there. So you saw that refugee bill overwhelmingly pass. And now with this attack, with the feeling that this terrible problem has come to our shores and is spreading and out of control, it’ll be interesting to see what the president says tonight because the statement about the speech was that he is going to reiterate things. He’s going to sort of double down on what he has been saying. That basically we’ve got this covered. I don’t think that is believable to a lot of people right now. So if this is an opportunity for him to sort of dramatically change the way he approaches this problem, even just rhetorically that might be something that is necessary.”

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