Nancy Pelosi: ‘Unconscionable’ to Oppose Gun Control That Wouldn’t Have Stopped San Bernardino Attack


With the House GOP opposed to adding the imprecise no-fly list to background checks, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12th) says it is “unconscionable” to oppose gun control that would not have stopped the San Bernardino attack.

The addition of the no-fly list would not have stopped the San Bernardino attack because the attackers—Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik—weren’t on it. On December 4, CNN reported that Farook and Malik weren’t on “any list” of potential terrorists in the U.S.

But instead of changing their course, Democrats are doubling down and trying to force a vote on gun control in the House.

According to Politico, Rep. Pelosi and Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA-5th) are leading the charge and plan to use a “discharge petition” to force a vote on adding the no-fly list to background checks.

Pelosi said:

It is unconscionable that a suspected terrorist can enter a store and leave with the gun of his choice. We must close this terrorist gun loophole and act to strengthen our system of background checks. House Democrats will press forcefully for Congress to take up common-sense solutions to address the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

She did not mention that Farook and Malik were not on the list.

Thompson introduced the discharge petition and said:

Terrorists shouldn’t be able to legally buy guns. However, right now, someone on the FBI’s Terrorists Watchlist can go into a gun store and buy a firearm of their choosing — legally. Last week, House Republicans voted three times to protect the ability of suspected terrorists to continue buying guns. This made our country less safe.

Like Pelosi, Thompson did not mention that Farook and Malik were not on the list.

Democrats will have to get 30 Republicans to cross the aisle and sign the petition in order to bring the vote to the floor.

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