ObamaCare and Gay Marriage Proponents are Far More Extreme Than Donald Trump

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

While I disagree with Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban all Muslim immigration (the reasons are spelled out here), and am very comfortable labeling his proposal as extreme, what’s lacking in this debate is context and perspective. Nothing Trump is proposing in this ban in any way violates anyone’s Constitutional or human rights. This is not true, though, for those in favor of gay marriage or Obama Care.

If you want to talk about extreme, let’s talk about extreme…

No foreigner has a Constitutional, legal, moral or human right to come to America. That doesn’t make it okay to ban all Muslims — in fact, it is not okay. What is far less okay, though, is the violation of human rights that have come from ObamaCare and the legalizing of same sex marriage.

Almost all of the same shrill, hypocritical Leftists and DC Media-types screaming “religious freedom!” in opposition to Trump’s immigration ban, are the very same fascists aggressively using the federal government to strip Americans protected by the Constitution of their human rights, specifically the right to honor their religious conscience.

ObamaCare outright forces the Faithful to violate their religious conscience; we’re forced to fund birth control and abortion.

On top of that, most gay marriage supporters want to use the power of the government to force the Faithful to choose between staying in business and violating their religious conscience through participating in a same-sex marriage ceremony, something many faiths (including the Muslim faith) see as the sacramentalization of a sin.

Trump wants to deny foreigners access to America. Compare that to the DC Media cheering every step of the way as the Gaystapo actually put Kim Davis in prison over her refusal to violate her Christian conscience.

Trump is stripping no one of their civil or human rights.

The fascist backers of gun control, ObamaCare and gay marriage are.

Trump’s Muslim ban bothers me.

The Left and the DC Media terrify me.


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