Surge: Donald Trump Leads By Widest Margin Yet

Donald Trump not a Nazi APJae C. Hong
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After months of the DC Media ganging up to annihilate him, after months of the Republican Establishment’s plotting, planning, and scheming to take him out, according to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, billionaire businessman Donald Trump currently enjoys his widest lead yet — 14.8%.

As of Thursday, in the national Republican primary, Trump averages 30.4% support. His closest competitor is Ted Cruz with just 15.6% support.

Back in August, Trump edged close to this 15% lead, but this is a new high watermark.

As far as his overall support, the 30.4% is only slightly lower than the 30.8% the frontrunner enjoyed just a couple days ago. That also is his all-time high.

In the Huffington Post poll of polls, this surge is even more startling. Trump is smashing second place with an all-time lead of 21 points.  Trump has also surged to a personal high of 35.6% support. Cruz is way behind in second with 15.4%.

Someone needs to remind the DC Media that wishful thinking is not reporting, analysis, or punditry.

In Iowa, Trump enjoys a 3.4% lead over Ted Cruz, far from his high of 9%.  In New Hampshire, Trump is close to his all-time high with a 16% lead, same with his 12.5% lead in South Carolina.

Other than Ted Cruz, every other Republican presidential candidate has condemned Trump’s call to temporarily halt Muslim immigration. A Bloomberg poll released Wednesday shows that 65% of voters agree with the pause. Most of the polls in these averages were taken before Trump’s proposal.

After a month of the worst press imaginable for him and the best for her. Trump is only -3.3% behind Hillary Clinton.

That collective gulping sound you just heard was our Ruling Class and their DC Media enablers coming to terms with the fact that a Revolution has begun, and their corrupt, comfortable, left-wing temples are in very real peril.

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