Liberal Feminist Joy Brighton: Deport Entire Families of Terrorists from U.S.

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“Sharia-ism, the political movement of radical Islam, is like Communism. It’s like Nazism. It’s a system of total control and they are justifying their total control on some archaic religious rules called Sharia,” says longtime women’s rights champion Joy Brighton, author of “Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle To Control Women; And Everyone Else.”

Today on Breitbart News Daily, Brighton made the case that Sharia is already here in America thanks to Muslim immigration and the political correctness that’s allowing it to take hold and spread.

Later in the interview, Brighton warned about several things that the United States should be doing—but isn’t—to protect this country from radical Islamic terrorism. One thing she noted is that America should deport all family members of anyone who engages in terrorism.

“There’s a few things we should be doing to protect our country,” Brighton said. “When a terrorist kills someone in this country or terrorizes someone in this country, the entire extended family must be deported. That way it is very humane—you just get everybody and you put them on a plane. It’s only the family members, and extended family members, who want to stay in this country who can police their own family members.”

Brighton specifically noted, too, that the United States has yet to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

“The Muslim Brotherhood—you talk about a ban—the Muslim Brotherhood needs to be shut down in this country. We look at our coalition leaders—Saudi Arabia, the [United Arab] Emirates, Egypt, et cetera—what did they do when ISIS first popped its head up? They banned the Muslim Brotherhood. And yet we are not willing to do that.”

After discussing how the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has terror ties—it has been designated by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization while weak leaders in the United States and the mainstream media refuse to discuss CAIR’s true ties to terror—Brighton also made the case that Mosques and Imams are a problem nationwide in America.

“Eighty percent of the Mosques in this country are owned and operated by Saudi Arabia,” Brighton said.

We know that the leadership in 80 percent of the Mosques is radical. In my book, you’ll read quote after quote after quote from Imams across this country. Here’s an example from an Imam in Washington, D.C.: “If you don’t give us justice, if you don’t give us equality, if you don’t give us our share of America, if you don’t stay out of our way and leave us alone, we’re going to burn America down.”

This is not just one Imam in one Mosque. We’re seeing this all over the country. We’ve seen this for at least five years at a minimum going on here.

Brighton says her book, “Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle To Control Women; And Everyone Else,” looks at 60 American news stories from 2008 through 2014, separating religion from politics to demonstrate how political correctness in America “is actually enabling and growing Sharia-ism in this country.”

Says Brighton, “We are unwilling to distinguish between religion and control” (of others) when it comes to Sharia and “we are way over the line.”

“We believe in individual liberties and freedom of speech which is being challenged because it’s all suddenly hate speech,” said Brighton.

Freedom of religion is being challenged because if you’re not a Muslim, then you are a target right now. And freedom of press. If you look at the book you’ll see that there are dozens of books that have been pulled by publishers, including Random House because they’re books about Mohammed or his bride, or things Mohammed has done – some of them novels. These publishers like Random House have been getting threats saying, if you don’t pull this book, we can’t guarantee the safety of your employees. and so books have been pulled off the shelves,” Brighton concluded. “This is an assault on our U.S. Constitution.

Brighton and host Stephen K. Bannon discussed events in San Bernardino, where neighbors failed to report suspicious activities among the terror couple for fear of appearing racist as a contemporary account of how political correctness is hurting America in the fight against radical Islam and an already creeping Sharia-ism.

“Sharia-ism absolutely is already here,” insisted Brighton, going on to discuss hate groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

You can listen to the full explosive interview below:


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