Carly Fiorina Exposes Chris Cuomo’s Dangerous, Left-Wing Demagoguery


If CNN chief Jeff Zucker is scratching his head over why “Morning Joe” has more total viewers than “New Day” (and is closing the gap in demo viewers), and why Fox News is absolutely crushing his morning flagship, he should watch co-anchor Chris Cuomo’s Friday morning interview with Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

There is absolutely no evidence that anyone’s “rhetoric” had anything to do with a man, who is obviously deranged, shooting up a Planned Parenthood. And yet, in a very dangerous act of demagoguery that could put a real target on the back of the pro-life movement (in the same way the SPLC did with the Family Research Council), Cuomo suggested it anyway.

Fiorina not only shut him down on that point, using two excellent examples, she exposed Cuomo and CNN as left-wing propagandists who are not at all interested in the hate rhetoric regularly spewed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

My favorite part is when Cuomo says he doesn’t remember anything about Sarah Palin being blamed by the media (for two weeks) for the shooting spree in Arizona that wounded Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. After she calls him out, Cuomo plays a rhetorical trick with the claim that Fiorina accused him of blaming Palin. Fiorina did not. Cuomo knows it, but this is a trick to again paint her as a liar.

This is not an interview, it’s a Democrat partisan being given a chance to tear down one of Hillary’s most effective critics.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Cuomo also continues to pretend that what Fiorina said about those heinous Planned Parenthood videos was not true, when she has been vindicated on numerous occasions.

Cuomo closes the interview with the claim that both sides engage in rhetoric he despises. And yet, no Democrats ever get this kind of treatment from Cuomo, or from CNN. Weeks and weeks spent on Republican “rhetoric,” nary a peep directed towards Democrats.

This is why CNN is failing, marginalized, and no longer trusted.

In so many ways, Cuomo reminds me of his processor Soledad O’Brien, another leftist with superb interviewing skills. Personally, I like seeing Republicans challenged by the media. Outside of his dangerous demagoguery, Fiorina and other Republicans should all be grinded in this way.

But Cuomo never digs into Democrats like this. If he did, he’d be one of the best interviewers on cable news. Of course, he would also be ostracized among his own.


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