Rubio’s Gollum-in-Glasses: ‘Trump Will Ruin Christmas in America’


With almost all of the D.C. Media on his side, other than his mentor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has failed to do much in the polls — certainly nothing that matches the recent media hype as The Savior of the Establishment.

Nationally, Rubio sits at 14%, less than half of Donald Trump’s 30%. In Iowa, Rubio appears to be sliding with just a 10% showing in the most recent poll. In the most recent New Hampshire poll, Rubio is losing to Chris Christie and being walloped by Trump 29% to just 12%.

What to do if you might have peaked without ever really peaking?

Well if you’re Rick Wilson, a vicious, shameless, conservative-hating Gollum-in-glasses doing “work on behalf of Rubio,” you run to the leftwing Politico to complain that big meanie Trump is going to ruin America’s Christmas.

No, really:

‘We won’t be taking a holiday break from the campaign this year. It’s going to be bang, bang, bang because we are in a different environment than ever before,’ said Rick Wilson, a Florida-based consultant who has been one of Trump’s most vehement critics and is doing work on behalf of Rubio. ‘Because of the organic nature of Trump’s message, he can’t let it stop. He is great at the earned media game—but, like a shark, if he stops moving, he dies; and so everyone else has to keep moving, too. I think he’ll ruin Christmas for America.

Politics is tough stuff. If Trump needs to grind his way through the holidays in order to maintain his lead, that’s what the Republican Party should want from a standard-bearer, no? Someone willing to do what it takes. Someone indefatigable. A “shark” who never relents, never tires, never stops fighting. That’s how the Left fights.

With his voting record, Rubio is already facing questions about his dedication to the job and work ethic, and now those doing work on his “behalf” are crybabying because Trump might make Rubio work through the holidays.

Newsflash: Most Americans work through the holidays, and those who work the hardest and most desperately need things to change, work on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. They are the ones manning the cash registers and stock rooms so Wilson can enjoy a Currier and Ives Establishment Christmas filled with cigars, brandy snifters, and jokes at the expense those hinterland rubes who support Trump, you know, the guy working with them through the holidays.


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