Rape-Hoaxer Lena Dunham to Campaign for Rape-Denier Hillary Clinton


In this corner, we have Rape-Hoaxer Lena Dunham, a woman who stood idly by for weeks after she knew her memoir had placed an innocent man under suspicion as her rapist. In the other corner, we have Hillary Clinton, a woman who has been accused by more than one alleged sexual assault/harassment victim of shielding and protecting her predator husband. How perfect is it that two of the biggest frauds and hypocrites in the feminist movement will be campaigning together.

Yes, arm-in-arm, the Rape-Hoaxer and the Rape-Denier will appear together in Iowa on January 9.

If that’s not ironic enough, Dunham has positioned herself as a sexual assault activist, a defender of women who claim to be used and abused by powerful men, especially powerful white men, most especially powerful white southern men…  You know, like Bill Clinton.

Why would such a woman want the Bill Cosby of politics, former-President Bill — Paula Jones (harassment accusation), Juanita Broadrrick (rape accusation), Kathleen Willey (groping accusation) — Clinton as America’s first First Gentleman?

I may have the answer…

If you look at their combined history — Hillary’s alleged treatment of her husband’s alleged victims (including Paula Jones, who received a settlement from Clinton) and Dunham’s refusal to name or press charges against her true rapist while allowing an innocent man to twist in the wind —  the only men who are safe among these two are the ones who might be actually guilty of something.

It’s only innocent men and victims who need to worry when this horrid duo rolls into town.

Birds of a feather…


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