New Jersey Police Arrest Illegal Alien for Repeatedly Sexually Abusing Child

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New Jersey police arrested Guatemalan illegal alien Juan Campos-Morales, 33, and charged him with repeatedly “sexually assaulting” a child from 2014 to 2015. The victim, who’s younger than 16, told a teacher about the alleged assaults.

Campos-Morales, identified as a “Woodbury man” or simply, “Man,” in local news headlines, is being held in default of a $250,000 bail, meaning he skipped a court appearance. To its credit, Gloucester City News identified Campos-Morales as an illegal alien in its headline. Almost no other details were given, besides a note that federal immigration authorities were notified Campos-Morales is in police custody.

Whether or not the illegal alien and alleged child molester will be deported is not clear. If he pleads to lesser charges, federal authorities could deliberately ignore the severity of the crimes he was initially charged of and judge him on the basis of a plea bargain.

Thanks to the Obama administration’s Orwellian Priority Enforcement Program (PEP), nearly all crimes involving moral turpitude — which in New Jersey include endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated sexual assault, as well as statutory rape — will not be pursued by the Department of Homeland Security. Even if convicted of serious sex crimes, Campos-Morales could be back on the streets after serving his sentence.

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions condemned the Obama administration’s PEP in December, pointing out that as levels of illegal immigration surge, enforcement is scaled back:

This policy explains why more than 250,000 individuals are estimated to have overstayed their visas in 2012 and remained in the country unlawfully. It also explains why in 2014 only a miniscule 0.05% of the nation’s roughly 12 million illegal immigrants were removed who were not explicit agency ‘priorities.’ If you don’t meet a ‘priority,’ you are basically immune from enforcement. Even including ‘priority’ cases, 99% of illegal immigrants were still placed beyond the reach of immigration law.

In fact, the removal of criminal aliens has continued to freefall, and has been cut in half since 2011. DHS documents show that the Administration freed 30,000 convicted criminal aliens into U.S. communities in 2014. Overall, there are about 167,000 convicted criminal aliens who were ordered removed that are now at large in the United States, and almost as many at large who were released before being ordered removed.

Illegal aliens contribute to a massive crime wave. A 2011 U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report revealed that the incarcerated criminal alien population were arrested for three million offenses, of which 70,000 were sexual in nature — and that’s only criminal aliens held in federal prisons who haven’t been naturalized, a portion of the total foreign population of over 42 million in the U.S.

The Obama administration has shielded more than 80 percent of illegal aliens from deportation since it enacted “priority” enforcement.

No other major media outlets have reported this disturbing case of child sex abuse and imported crime.

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