Media Fail: 56% of Americans Now Want Fewer Refugees


After months of a coordinated DC Media campaign to emotionally blackmail and shame Americans into turning against Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole over the issue of refugees, a Wall Street Journal poll shows that a clear majority of American now want fewer refugees, or none at all.

In September, only 41% answered in the affirmative that the “U.S. should take in fewer refugees or none at all.” Today that number has jumped a full +15 points to 56%.

After the ISIS terror attack in Paris, some Republicans came out in favor of halting President Obama’s Syrian refugee program that would see 10,000 people from that war torn country resettled here in America.  ISIS has pledged to use the refugee crisis as a Trojan Horse to sneak in terrorists, and did so successfully in Paris with at least one of the attackers.

Moreover, Obama’s own F.B.I. director has stated that we cannot adequately screen refugees from countries like Syria. Years of war have devastated their infrastructure and databases. Moreover, the countries are awash in fraudulent documents.

Nevertheless, in response, “Meet the Press” compared these Americans to Nazis. CNN’s “New Day” smeared these Americans as no better than the anti-Semites who refused Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis during WWII.

It really was our bigoted, Obama-boot-licking DC Media at its worst.

Proving once again, though, that the DC Media is losing the power it has abused for decades to shape public opinion, the numbers on this issue went backwards. Even more Americans, a clear majority now, have come to their senses on the refugee issue.

The San Bernardino terror attacks undoubtedly had a much bigger effect on public opinion after the attacks proved that the DC Media was lying about how well the Obama Administration screens immigrants.

The female San Bernardino jihadist snuck in using a fiancé visa and 14 innocent Americans died.

Obama has vowed to keep the refugees coming. According to this same poll, 57% disapprove of the president’s handling of foreign policy, only 37% approve.


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