Buchanan: ‘The Republican Party Is Under a Death Sentence’

In an interview that aired on CNN earlier this week with host Michael Smerconish, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan discussed the possibilities of who could ultimately emerge as the Republican presidential nominee and what that might mean in a general election.

Buchanan, however, warned that there is a deeper problem with the Republican Party that involves demographics. And that according Buchanan is why the GOP is “under a death sentence.”

“I will say this, the Republican Party is under a death sentence,” Buchanan said. “There is no doubt about it. And I urged them back in 1990. Look, let’s halt immigration, a moratorium on all immigration, assimilate, Americanize the folks who have come here who are poor as they come up and go through the working class, in middle class, lo and behold just like the Irish and the Italians, and the Jewish folks and the Poli folks. Suddenly under Nixon back in the mid ’60s, we moved them all right into the Republican Party and Nixon won 49 states that hugely popular fall, Michael, 49 states. Now, unless you have a time out on immigration and even for a long period, I think the Republican Party is under a sentence of death.”

Buchanan went on to question some of the foreign policy statements made by the candidates, including those dealing with Russia’s involvement in Syria.

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