Chris Christie to Marco Rubio: ‘Show Up And Vote’ Or Quit

Chris Christie Muscles AP

GOP presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says fellow candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) should quit if he doesn’t want to show up and cast votes in the U.S. Senate.

“So I can’t wait to turn on C-SPAN2 because he gives a good speech, Marco, and I want to hear his stirring speech that’s going to try to persuade people on the floor of the Senate not to vote for this awful spending bill — except he never showed up,” Christie said of Rubio failing to vote against the spending bill even though he had been vocal about his opposition. “Dude, show up to work and vote no. Just show up to work and vote no, and like if you don’t want to, then quit.”

Rubio has faced criticism from several GOP candidates about his lack of votes and failure to show up for his duties as a U.S. Senator. In fact, Breitbart News previously reported that out of all the candidates running for president that are sitting U.S. Senators, Rubio has missed the most votes.

The Des Moines Register, however, notes that Christie faced similar backlash from his home state.

“As of August, Christie had been outside of New Jersey for part of 55 percent of days in 2015, according to,” the Des Moines Register reports.

Rubio brushed off the criticism, arguing he has a close to 90 percent attendance record, but adding that Christie “has been missing in New Jersey half of the time.” He adds:

I am running for president because I want to change the direction of this country. And it will require me for the time being to miss some votes in the U.S. Senate, because I want those votes to matter again,” stated the Florida Senator. “I want to be able to repeal Obamacare. I want to be able to fix our tax code. I want to be able to rebuild our military. We are only going to be able to achieve that not just by electing a Republican, but by electing the right Republican.


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