GOP Establishment Has No Problem with Hillary Win, Won’t Address the Clintons’ War on Women

Mike Theiler / Reuters
Mike Theiler / Reuters

Breitbart News’ John Nolte had a perceptive piece this weekend on the GOP Establishment having no desire to beat Hillary Clinton or elect Donald Trump. They don’t want to use the most potent issue against Hillary, who is counting on an overwhelming advantage among women: her alleged bullying of the women unlucky enough to be Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual targets.

Only Trump has the courage to debunk the notion that Hillary has been “an advocate for women and girls.”

It’s as much about Hillary’s conduct as it is about Bill. Hillary Clinton has been the point person behind the “nuts or sluts” strategy employed to malign the various women allegedly sexually assaulted by Bill or who had consensual sex with Bill only to be used and dumped. Using private investigators, Hillary’s actions were aimed at silencing allegations to stop what Team Clinton derisively called “the bimbo eruptions.” After Bill allegedly assaulted them physically, Hillary allegedly assaulted them psychologically.

The chilling story of Juanita Broaddrick, for example, on NBC with Lisa Myers describing how Bill Clinton allegedly raped and bit her is Exhibit A. Broaddrick claimed to be raped and bitten by Bill Clinton and menaced by Hillary. But as to Broaddrick’s allegation, apparently only one national reporter, Sam Donaldson, ever asked Bill Clinton about the charge. To Donaldson’s question, Clinton said, in effect, talk to my lawyer.

Although Broaddrick claims Hillary tried to intimidate her at a public function, Hillary allegedly told a voter back in 2007 that she didn’t know who Broaddrick is and never met her.

The mainstream media also does not want to go there. CNN’s Don Lemon shut off the microphone of a guest who dared raise the issue, claiming Bill’s actions are irrelevant to Hillary. When I appeared on Fox Business News, host Charles Payne argued “it was my opinion” that the Clinton sex assaults happened. Paula Corbin Jones and Kathleen Willey say differently.

The GOP Establishment has no belly for this fight.

Below is a transcript of a segment with CNN anchor Kate Bolduan and Ana Navarro, a confidante of Jeb Bush and someone who is very much a part of the political elite.

BOLDUAN: Ana, I think you’re with it now. The war on women argument has worked against Republicans in the past. Do you think Bill Clinton is the best defense against it?

NAVARRO: Absolutely not. Frankly, Kate, I can think of few things to kill the Christmas spirit that would be better than, you know, dragging decades of Bill Clinton’s sexual history on national TV today. So Merry Christmas to our viewers. (LAUGHTER) No, you know what, leave it alone, for God’s sakes. If Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton has worked out their marriage and have worked out their situation, that’s their business, not ours. I think there’s plenty, plenty to pick on, plenty to scrutinize her on, plenty to ask her about, that are policy-related issues. We don’t have to get into these sordid issues, sordid affairs that have been litigated so many other times in the past. I, frankly, don’t see the purpose of it.

BOLDUAN: As a Christmas gift to you, Ana, I’m going to ask you a question that does not involve Bill Clinton at this moment. So, merry Christmas to you.

NAVARRO: Thank God.

What was not disclosed on CNN is Navarro’s Clinton connection.

Navarro’s long-time significant other, Gene Prescott, is a “Friend of Bill” (“FOB”), a major Democrat fundraiser who owns the grand and pricy Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, where Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush both work out. Rubio even celebrated his 2010 surprise Senate win in one of the Biltmore’s ballrooms. Bill and Hillary also stay there when in Miami. It’s an old money insider paradise.

In a September 2015 CNN column, Navarro declared, “Unless Republicans end up nominating someone I consider borderline insane or a total jerk, I will be casting my vote for the Republican nominee,” but she went on to proclaim she hopes “Joe Biden runs for President” because she “likes the guy.”

Navarro is often described as a “confidante” of Jeb Bush during her CNN appearances. The New York Times has explained, “Her rollicking commentary and willingness to criticize Republicans on same-sex marriage and immigration issues make her a favorite of TV bookers.”

Navarro frequently spars with conservative pundits who support Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and especially Donald Trump. So distasteful is Navarro’s rabid shilling for Jeb that a petition to CNN to fire her was launched.

Hillary’s role in the Clintons’ war on women is the silver bullet Trump, or any Republican, needs to expose Hillary’s hypocrisy.

When Hillary tried to play victim claiming Trump was bullying her as a woman and said Trump has a “penchant for sexism,” Trump immediately returned fire via Twitter:

I think The Donald gave a subliminal plug to my book The Clintons’ War on Women, which is all the opposition research needed to beat Hillary.


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