CNN Poll: Majority Oppose Use Of Executive Actions For Gun Control

Ryan Houston/Getty Images
Ryan Houston/Getty Images

A CNN/ORC poll embargoed for release until the start of Obama’s gun control town hall shows that a majority of Americans oppose the use of executive actions for gun control.

According to CNN, 54 percent of Americans said “no” when asked, “Do you favor or oppose Obama using executive orders to implement [gun controls]?” When asked if they believe Obama’s gun executive gun controls will be effective, 57 percent of Americans said they will not. This is the same assessment the New York Daily News gave of Obama’s executive gun controls when they observed that the key component of the controls was an expansion of the frequency of background checks. The News noted that the 15 most recent “mass killers” in America all passed background checks for their guns, so there is no real reason to believe requiring more background checks at more points of sale is going to change anything.

When CNN/ORC asked an overall question–“Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling gun policy?”–53 percent of Americans disapproved. And 55 percent said the “policies being proposed by Barack Obama will move the the wrong direction.”

At the same time, the poll revealed that even as Americans oppose Obama’s actions a majority of them–67 percent–approved of pursing background checks and more rules on FFLs through the legislative process. This 67 percent is a far cry from the support background checks enjoyed just after the heinous attack on Sandy Hook.

The majority of respondents to the CNN/ORC poll were not gun owners. Only 40 percent said there is even a gun in their house.

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