Marco Rubio to Pro-Amnesty Protesters: ‘We’re Going to Enforce Our Immigration Laws Guys’

AP Photo/John Raoux
AP Photo/John Raoux

Sen. Marco Rubio took on pro-amnesty protesters who interrupted him during a presidential forum, telling them that the United States would continue to enforce their immigration laws in spite of their protests.

“Rubio does not represent the community, he wants to deport our families!” protesters shouted. “Marco Rubio wants to deport my family.”

“We’re going to enforce our immigration laws guys,” Rubio finally said after he was repeatedly interrupted.

Rubio was speaking at the Expanding Opportunity Presidential Forum hosted by the Jack Kemp Foundation in Columbia, South Carolina and tried to speak about his plans to help low income families and reform government poverty programs. The panel was moderated by Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and included Ohio governor John Kasich.

“Go Marco!” one woman yelled as the audience cheered and applauded his line.

“Marco, you’re on a roll, keep going,” Ryan replied after Rubio reacted to the protesters.

Other protesters shouted, “Undocumented and unafraid!”

“Does the clock stop while they scream?” Rubio said after the forum was repeatedly interrupted.

He also hinted with a laugh that he might have to imitate Donald Trump’s reaction to protesters.

“I thought about handling it the way another candidate does. But it’s not my event,” Rubio said.

He also joked that protesters should interrupt while Kasich was speaking.


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