Speaker Ryan Asks For Advice On What Color Tie To Wear for SoTU: Yellow, White Were Popular Answers

Paul Ryan I Hate the Bill AP PhotoJ. Scott Applewhite
AP/J. Scott Applewhite

House Speaker Paul Ryan used twitter Jan. 11 to ask Republicans to choose whether he should wear a red tie or a blue tie at President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union speech.

But the commenters did not restrict themselves to red or blue, or even to the subject of ties. Many jeered at Ryan’s request, reflecting the growing opposition towards Ryan because of his recent surrenders, crony-capitalist deals and giveaways to Obama’s anti-American, big government plans.

The hostile response illustrates the widening gulf between between the GOP’s pro-immigration, business-boosting leaders and its increasingly truculent base of pro-American voters. That gap is increasingly important because Donald Trump is using it to draw a huge slice of the GOP’s base away from the establishment’s roster of 2016 candidates.

Yellow was a popular choice.

Some progressives jumped into the conversation, and did not mean well for Speaker Ryan.

Some respondents forgot about fashion, and just took pot-shots..

Still, the most people respondents offered up the GOP-associated color of red, suggested a green-and-gold combination to represent his home state of Wisconsin, or else just asked him to stand up for conservative goals.


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