Rush Limbaugh Reveals Five Things Obama’s Gun Control Will Not Stop

AP Photo/Chris Carlson, File
AP Photo/Chris Carlson, File

Following President Obama’s reiteration of executive gun control during the January 7 town hall on CNN, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh revealed five things Obama’s gun control will not stop.

An emphasis on what Obama’s gun control will not stop is crucial, given the fact that Obama wove his announcement of executive gun control in with statements about the shootings at San Bernardino, Fort Hood, the Aurora movie theater, the Wisconsin Sikh Temple, and the Charleston church, as well as the shooting in Tucson, which wounded Gabby Giffords on January 8, 2011.

Obama stressed the need for executive gun control as a way to lessen “mass violence” in America, and he coupled the emphasis on “mass violence” with a need to expand background checks–as if doing the latter will reduce the former.

But Limbaugh was not fooled, and he pointed out five things Obama’s gun controls will not stop:

1. Obama’s executive gun controls will not stop the “mass violence” he railed against. Limbaugh pointed to comments made during the town hall to prove this, saying:

[Obama] admitted [the executive gun control] solves no problems, and he agreed and admitted with everybody who pointed out that every executive action he is talking about implementing would not have stopped any of these recent attacks. And he admits that, too. He admits that his executive actions on guns would not stop terrorism, that they wouldn’t stop the shootings in Chicago.

2. Obama’s executive gun controls will not stop criminals from acquiring guns. Limbaugh observed:

Obama even admitted … again that none of what he’s proposing will keep criminals from getting guns. Well, isn’t that the singular objective? By definition, the law-abiding are not breaking laws with their guns; they’re not a problem. But not in Obama’s world. They are the problem because that’s where most of the guns are.

3. Obama’s executive gun controls will not stop him or other liberals from pursuing gun confiscation. Limbaugh said:

He talks about this so much and then mentions this conspiracy of people who believe he wants to take their guns away. It’s not a conspiracy belief. It’s common, ordinary common sense. This is who liberals are. Liberals have always wanted guns taken away. I don’t care the reason.

4. Obama’s executive gun controls will not stop shootings in gun-free zones. Limbaugh pointed out that such zones only become safe when a good guy “eventually shows up with a gun” to take out the bad guy who ignored the fact that the zone was supposed to be gun-free in the first place.

5. Obama’s executive gun controls will not stop him from pursuing maximum gun control. This is perhaps Limbaugh’s more prescient observation of Obama’s words and intentions. Even after acting unilaterally–going around Congress to institute and expand gun control on his own–Obama will not be satisfied until the constitutional protections on gun ownership are destroyed. Limbaugh said:

He’s not gonna stop thinking about this as long as he’s alive. … [The left’s] dream is to eliminate the Second Amendment, folks. Write it out of the Constitution. Short of that, render it meaningless. That’s how you do it. That’s the start. You make it illegal to have a gun, pure and simple.

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