CARLY for America: Carly Fiorina Ranks Sixth Nationally, Leads Jeb Bush In New Hampshire

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina in Des Moines, Iowa, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016.
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Super PAC backing Carly Fiorina for president is reminding her supporters about the state of the presidential race, saying, “[it] is not what the Mainstream Media wants you to believe it is,” and noting Fiorina is leading former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in New Hampshire and is tied with him nationally.

CARLY for America – the Super PAC backing Fiorina’s campaign – sent out an email statement touting Fiorina’s national standing even though Fox Business is moving her to the undercard debate for the sixth GOP primary debate on Thursday in South Carolina.

Fox Business’s criteria required candidates to rank in the top six nationally or in the top five in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire to make the main debate stage for its debate.

Fiorina reacted to not being included on the main debate stage in a radio interview, pointing out that under Fox News’s own poll she should have qualified.

“In the Fox News poll, I’m in sixth place which would qualify me, but hey, I’ll debate anyone, anytime, anywhere. I’ll be in South Carolina and what I know is that polls don’t win elections, voters do,” Fiorina challenged.

CARLY for America’s Executive Director Steve DeMaura said, “Carly is tied with Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich and Rand Paul nationally.”

DeMaura added that Bush has spent $49 million in advertising, with $23 million in New Hampshire. However, despite all those millions, Fiorina is ahead of Bush in New Hampshire – the second state in the nation to cast votes for the Republican nominee.

He cited a Public Policy poll to show that Fiorina “has the highest net favorability rating in New Hampshire.” He also said she has one of the highest favorable numbers in Iowa – the first state to cast votes for the Republican nominee.

“When first and second choices are combined we are tied with Bush and leading Christie, Huckabee, Kasich, Paul, and Santorum in Iowa,” DeMaura explained.

He added:

While a number of candidates have gone all in on one particular state we are competing across the board.  CARLY for America has built a national organization to compete over the long-term. The press and the pundits have been wrong time and again during this race – we are here to compete and to win.

Carly is the conservative candidate who can unite our party. Carly will not falter, she will not let up. She is working harder than any other candidate but she needs you to join us as we make a push toward the starting gun in Iowa.

He is reminding supporters that a lot can change in the next few weeks because 68 percent of voters in Iowa and 80 percent in New Hampshire have said they have not yet made their final choice about which candidate to support.


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