Franklin Graham: U.S. Episcopal Church Deserves Suspension From Anglican Communion Due To Pro-Gay Agenda

Franklin Graham

Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham says that the U.S. Episcopal Church deserved its suspension from the Anglican Communion because of its embrace of same-sex marriage and the election of gay priests.

In a Facebook post, Graham wrote, “The Episcopal Church in the U.S. has just received a major scolding.”

The worldwide Anglican Communion voted to suspend the entire U.S. Episcopal Church this week because it has embraced same-sex marriage, allowing the election of homosexual priests and allowing same-sex marriages to be performed. They deserve to be called out for this—it is wrong and is against what Almighty God clearly teaches in His Word.

Graham, who left the Republican Party because it funded Planned Parenthood through the federal budget, added, “I hope this will cause the Episcopal Church here in America to realize the seriousness of the steps they’ve taken contrary to the Bible and cause them to turn back to following what God’s Word tells us.”

The evangelist is touring all 50 states to challenge Christians to be true to their faith at home, in public, and at the voting booth.


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