AG Lynch: Obama’s Executive Gun Control ‘Well-Reasoned’ and ‘Lawful’


During January 20 testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said President Obama’s executive gun controls are “well-reasoned” and “lawful.”

Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) called Lynch to testify before the committee regarding the legality of Obama’s January 5 unilateral gun control push.

According to ABC News, Lynch said, “I have complete confidence that the common sense steps announced by the president are lawful.” She said the gun controls were “well-reasoned measures, well within existing legal authorities, built on work that’s already underway.”

The executive gun controls include expanding background checks to cover more private sellers, placing more requirements on federally licensed gun dealers, and funding “smart gun” research as well as pushing a wider use of such guns. Obama’s executive gun controls also co-op a gun ban for some Social Security beneficiaries.

Lynch admitted that Obama’s gun controls will not “end gun violence in America,” but she said hopes they will spur Congress to work for laws.

Lynch put the cost of implementing the new controls at approximately $80 million.

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