Ron Paul: Realistically, Trump Will Be The Nominee


Former presidential candidate Ron Paul, the father of presidential contender Sen. Rand Paul (R-TX), said Wednesday that Donald Trump will likely be the Republican presidential nominee.

“Well, at this point, it certainly is realistic,” Paul said on Newmsmax’s Steve Malzberg Show. “If I had a limited sum of money [to bet]… I probably wouldn’t invest a whole lot,” Paul added.

When asked about his son’s chance, Paul said that he may do better than people expect. “I think he may well surprise everybody because he has good organization and caucus states are different. That’s where we always did well.”

Paul also discussed his 2012 presidential bid and how difficult it was for his campaign to get coverage in the media. “Remember, the coverage was tough to get,” Paul said.

The system isn’t really that fair. Actually when we got to the convention, they changed the rules. And the rules they changed, now looks like it can help Trump. They’re in a tizzy now, the Republican Party, because they got to change the rules again because “We certainly don’t want to help Trump.”

Paul also dumped on polling, says it can be rigged.


A spokesman emailed a statement from Ron Paul:

As usual the media can’t get anything right. I responded to a poorly worded question​,​ agreeing that it was “realistic” at this point that ​T​rump could win, not that he will win. In fact​,​ I then proceeded to say not one vote has been cast and this has all been trumped up by the media and rigged polls for entertainment. Rand is going to surprise everybody because freedom is popular and when it matters voters won’t cast their lot with an authoritarian like Trump.


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