Glenn Beck Calls Trump Spox a ‘Leftist Radical’ After Once Calling Her a ‘Fearless Principled Conservative’


Talk radio host Glenn Beck wrote a blistering denunciation of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson, calling her “a hard core leftist.” However, two years ago Beck called Pierson a “fearless principled conservative” when she was running for Congress and enjoyed the support of Texas senator Ted Cruz, whose presidential campaign Beck endorsed today in Iowa.

Beck posted the following to his Facebook page, which included a link to this article on Pierson.


St. Louis Tea Party cofounder Bill Hennessy posted the following to his website (emphasis in the original):

I agree with Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz said, “Katrina Pierson is an utterly fearless principled conservative.”

That was just two years ago. Katrina Pierson was challenging Pete Sessions for Congress.

I also agree with Ted’s dad, Rafael Cruz, who said of Katrina, “She’s a strict constitutionalist. She’s a strong conservative and she wants to do what’s right.”

I also agree with Glenn Beck who introduced his radio audience to Katrina this way:

“Katrina Pierson is running against Congressman Pete Sessions here in Texas… To call Pete a massive disappointment is a massive understatement. And you should get to know Katrina. Ted Cruz, who doesn’t throw these things around lightly, called her an utterly fearless principled conservative, which I think is about the highest praise you could get from Ted Cruz.” (Source:


Today, a conservative blogger pieced together snippets of some of Katrina’s past statements–some of which apparently from a fake twitter account–to build a case that Katrina is actually a radical leftist.  In elections, even good people often lose their minds.

But Glenn Beck took to Facebook to pile on Katrina. Without bothering to check the validity or context of the piece, he labelled Pierson “dangerous.” And that’s a shame, because Glenn once had something to offer. Like when he gave Katrina a platform in her 2014 race against the “disappointing” Pete Sessions.

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