EXCLUSIVE– Schlafly’s Eagle Forum: ‘National Review Will Be Defunct In The Next Year’

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Washington D.C.

Conservative heroine Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum is slamming National Review, declaring it does not represent “the authority on conservatism.”

Schlafly had previously thrown her weight behind Donald Trump, describing him as the “the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers”– or the Republican establishment. In exclusive comments to Breitbart News, Ed Martin, the president of Schlafly’s grassroots organization Eagle Forum, predicted that “National Review will be defunct in the next year or so.”

Martin told Breitbart:

Their ploy [against Trump] was sophomoric and ineffective – instead of making an argument, they sought to make themselves relevant. They failed on both. Buckley is long gone and soon NR will be too. Gone with them, we can only hope, is the failed Internationalist and corporatist party advocacy that is bankrupting America and threatening the Republican Party. The kind of condescending ‘We Know Better’ attitude is a sign of weakness in argumentation not strength.

Earlier, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the 91-year-old Schlafly explained that Trump “represents everything the grassroots want.”

“The grassroots certainly agree with Donald Trump on most issues, but certainly on the immigration issue,” Schlafly said:

If we don’t stop immigration—this torrent of immigrants coming in—we’re not going to be America anymore because most of the people coming in have no experience with limited government. They don’t know what that is. They look to the government to solve all of their problems, and as soon as we have a high majority of people who think that, it’s going to be a different country.

During that same interview, Schlafly warned that National Review’s boosting of Rubio and Ryan will come at the expense of the nation’s peril. “If they’re not right on immigration they’re going to destroy our country,” Schlafly warned.