Ted Cruz Super PAC Attacks ‘Extreme’ Donald Trump on Abortion

Cruz Ad Trump Pro-Choice
Keep the Promise Ad

A new ad from “Keep the Promise,” a Super PAC supporting Senator Ted Cruz, attacks Donald Trump for his position on abortion.

“Donald Trump is not a conservative because he is extreme on abortion,” the narrator of the ad says, highlighting an interview with Trump in 1999.


The transcript:

Tim Russert: Would President Trump ban partial-birth abortion?

Donald Trump: Well look, I’m, I’m very pro-choice.

Tim Russert: You would not ban it, or ban partial-birth abortion?

Donald Trump: No … I am pro-choice in every respect.

“Does this sound conservative?” asks the narrator before saying, “Donald Trump: for partial-birth abortion, not a conservative.”

The ad is the latest effort by Cruz supporters to drive home the point that Trump is not a true conservative.

“The life of a child at 8 or 9 months gestation is not a political football; it is a matter of principle and conscience,” said Kellyanne Conway, President of Keep the Promise 1 in a statement to Breitbart News. “Conservatives and Republicans have a choice: should their nominee hold views more in line with Hillary Clinton or Ronald Reagan?”

The Keep the Promise political action committees have raised millions, spending most of their money to run negative ads on Cruz’s rivals. Last week, an ad was released hitting Marco Rubio for his position on amnesty.

The anti-Trump ad is scheduled to run in Iowa and South Carolina this week – part of a $2.5 million TV ad buy by the organization.

Another ad features audio of Donald Trump praising Ted Cruz during a speech.