Pro-Amnesty Group to Host GOP Debate Watch Parties, Citizenship Drives

Mi Familia Vota Workers AP

An immigration activist group says it is organizing GOP primary debate watch parties and citizenship drives ahead of next week’s Iowa caucuses.

Mi Familia Vota, a pro-amnesty group focused on increasing civic participation among immigrants, announced Wednesday that it will be hosting citizenship workshops in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, and Texas to help immigrants apply for U.S. citizenship.

Their goal is to increase immigrant participation in elections.

“MFV will conduct citizenship workshops in six key states to assist eligible Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) complete their appropriate paperwork to apply for U.S. citizenship, so that they can participate in the upcoming presidential election,” the group explained in its announcement.

The group noted that there are an estimated 5,081,000 “Latino-eligible LPR” that could naturalize and vote in the coming election.

“These LPRs can help elect candidates who will fight for the well-being of our families and communities,” Mi Familia Vota added.

The citizenship workshop drives are scheduled to take place Saturday.

Before the citizenship drives take place, however, the amnesty group says it will be hosting GOP debate watch parties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas for Thursday’s debate.

The watch parties the group noted are intended “for the Latino and immigrant communities to hear, analyze, and discuss the positions of the frontrunners on key issues such as immigration, healthcare, and to see if they finally take up additional issues important to all voters, such as education, workers’ rights, and the environment.”