Donald Trump on Fox News Debate Video Attacks: They Probably Had ‘About Ten Ready for Me’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Appearing on Boston talk radio king Howie Carr’s radio show on Friday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump said Fox News, which unleashed separate video attack montages on Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio at the Des Moines debate Thursday, probably had “about ten ready for me.”

“Did you have any inside information before the debate that they were going to be using these sort of attack videos on the other candidates, and were you concerned that there might be an attack video in their arsenal they were going to use on you?” Carr asked.

“No, I didn’t hear about it,” Trump told Carr.

“Boy did they go after them. Howie, I think I did a smart thing. They really attacked with those videos,” he added.

“And Megyn was like, really attacking. I will tell you what, if she would have attacked me I would have had a much different attitude,” Trump said.

“A couple of them wanted to leave the debate stand, you saw that, right?” he told Carr.

Trump was referring to Cruz’s response to a question from the Fox News moderators during the debate.

“I would note that the last four questions have been: Rand, please attack Ted; Chris, please attack Ted; Jeb, please attack Ted,” Cruz told Fox News moderator Chris Wallace after being asked a question.

“A debate actually is a policy issue but I will say this, gosh if you guys ask one more mean question, I may have to leave the stage,” Cruz added in his response at the debate.

“[That was] Cruz, but he was kidding,” Carr told Trump in the Friday interview.

“I don’t know. Those videos were pretty tough. I don’t think anyone knew. I didn’t know about it,” Trump answered.

Then Carr asked the question everyone was waiting for.

“I’m going to say, Donald, they had one [a video attack montage] ready for you?” Carr asked Trump.

“I would think,” Trump responded, adding “How about ten ready for me?”

“What would you have done if they had pulled one of those on you?” Carr asked.

“It depends,” Trump answered. “I’m used to getting pretty tough questions. I’ve had good luck with the debates. I’ve won a lot of them, according to the polls and the pundits, especially the last one with the New York values deal.”

Trump will be appearing at a campaign event, which is being referred to as a voter forum hosted by Carr, in Milford, New Hampshire, on Tuesday, the day after the Iowa GOP caucuses and one week before the New Hampshire primary.

You can listen to Howie Carr’s full interview of Donald Trump from Friday afternoon here:


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