Limbaugh: Trump Unmasking ‘Not-Quite-So-Conservative’ Conservative Media Types – ‘Their Agenda Is Now Exposed’

On his Friday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh credited Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for exposing those who may not be as conservative as originally within the so-called media.

Limbaugh credits his radio show that started in 1988 for forcing mainstream media figures to reveal their left-leaning biases by his establishment of a conservative media. However, he says Trump is doing the same thing, but exposing it within the conservative, where he argued there are those “masquerading” as conservatives.

“I think Trump is doing the same thing to certain elements to certain elements of the right-leaning media,” Limbaugh explained. “People have made the mistake of thinking there are two different and very distinct medias – the drive-bys, the mainstream, and all of us in the whatever you want to call it – new media, conservative media, alternative media. But within that universe of the alternative media, new media, so-called conservative media, there are their own factions. And some of those people have been masquerading as conservative media, masquerading as conservative think tanks or conservative institutions.”

“Trump has come along and for whatever reason flushed out the not-quite-so-conservative  conservative media types and their agenda is now exposed,” he continued. “So what has happened here is that agendas are being dragged out of the shadows everywhere, all over the place kicking and screaming. And people are learning that the places they thought were conservative may not be. People they thought were conservative may not be quite as conservative as they thought. Maybe some of them are much more tied to the establishment than they originally thought.”

“Just because we don’t see partisanship doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,” he added.

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