Jeb Bush and John Kasich Flee Iowa for Throwdown in New Hampshire

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Groups of Jeb Bush and John Kasich supporters in New Hampshire had a turf war on Friday as the Kasich supporters rallied outside of Bush’s campaign headquarters in Manchester.

ABC News reports that Bush, Kasich – and fellow rival Chris Christie – will not be remaining in Iowa to hear the results of the caucuses Monday as the three have set their sights on the New Hampshire primary.

As reported by, Union Leader political reporter Dan Tuohy tweeted the following images of the battle between Bush and Kasich in New Hampshire:

Bush, who has redirected much of his Miami staff to New Hampshire, will begin a series of town halls in the Granite State. He said leaving Iowa was “just a matter of logistics.” His mother, Barbara Bush, 90, will also be campaigning for him in New Hampshire toward the end of the week, says Leader Call.

“Jeb is running a national campaign,” added Bush spokeswoman Allie Brandenburger. “We are confident he can build off of Iowa with momentum in New Hampshire, and that will carry him to the nomination.”

Kasich – who left Iowa for good on Friday – has over 100 town halls scheduled.

“There’s only so much of me to go around,” Kasich said. “I only got in [the race] in July. There’s only so many resources. In no way is my effort disrespecting Iowa, but in New Hampshire, it’s like running for Congress. You can get all over the state, and we have. It’s more manageable.”


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