The 5 Basic Questions Megyn Kelly Forgot to Ask Marco Rubio

Fox Debate Mods and Rubio

In her Tuesday night interview of donor-class favorite Marco Rubio, Fox News’s Megyn Kelly gushed over the young Senator’s ability to deliver a memorized speech without a teleprompter.

However, throughout the interview, Kelly failed to ask the candidate a single substantive question about his desire to enact the open-borders trade and immigration policies endorsed by Fox News’s founder Rupert Murdoch. Instead, Kelly began her interview with Marco Rubio by playing a clip of Rush Limbaugh praising Rubio as a conservative, in spite of Rubio’s push for open borders.

Kelly then asked Rubio these hard-hitting questions:

Let’s start with Rush Limbaugh’s comment, do you agree that you are no moderate centrist?

One of your competitors took a shot at you today, Gov. Chris Christie, who is really hoping to perform better in New Hampshire than he did in Iowa… do you take offense to that, sir, him calling you ‘a boy, a boy in a bubble’?

He says you’re too scripted. You are very smooth. Your acceptance– well, not acceptance [speech]– but your remarks last night were amazing. You were so articulate. There was no teleprompter. To those who say, ‘Oh he’s scripted’– is that scripted or is that just how you talk?

So now that you’re—you know— we got the marco-mentum, as they call it, you know who’s going to come after you both guns blazing. His name starts with D, his last name starts with T. And you’re going to be right in the middle of the cross-hairs for him now that you’re giving him a run for his money. How are you going to handle Donald Trump’s attacks on you?

Do you think it’s time for Jeb Bush to drop out?

What is winning for you in New Hampshire?

Kelly also added: “I will vouch for you — that you have come on the Kelly File regularly and you always sit for the tough questions. And I’ll note for the record, you never complain, never once — even if we ask really tough questions, which I appreciate.”

Noticeably, Kelly’s “tough questions” in last night’s interview did not include a single mention of his support for globalist immigration and trade policies.  Below are some questions Kelly did not ask Rubio:

Your 2013 immigration bill would have tripled green card issuances, doubled foreign worker dispensations, and granted citizenship to illegal immigrants. Can you identify a single policy outlined in your Gang of Eight bill that you no longer support?

A supermajority of GOP voters want immigration reduced, but you have repeatedly called for more immigration. Why do you reject what most GOP voters want: less immigration?

You have said you joined the Gang of Eight to get the most conservative bill out of the Senate, but your bill was endorsed by every Senate Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and La Raza. So that does mean you are an incompetent negotiator, or that you misrepresented the contents of your bill to the American people?

You continue to insist that your 2013 immigration bill—which would have granted citizenship, and by extension, welfare access and voting privileges, to illegal immigrants— is not amnesty. Why do you believe that every single Republican who campaigned in the 2014 midterm elections against the Gang of Eight bill and called it amnesty–such as Tom Cotton– is wrong and that your bill did not in fact grant amnesty? Under your definition of amnesty, could a President Rubio enact the same legalization provisions of the Gang of Eight bill and still tell voters that you did not grant “amnesty” to illegal immigrants.

You have previously said the Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement would be a “pillar” of you presidency. Do you stand by that statement?

Kelly’s questions to Rubio in last night’s interview are reminiscent of her treatment of Rubio during the first FOX News debate, in which she and the moderators asked the following questions. In one question, Kelly essentially asked Rubio if he could put God and veterans in the same sentence.

Chris Wallace asked Rubio: “Could you please address Governor Bush across the stage here, and explain to him why you… are better prepared to be president than he is?”

On immigration, Wallace asked Rubio: “Is it as simple as our leaders are stupid, their leaders are smart, and all of these illegals coming over are criminals?”

Bret Baier asked Rubio: “Why is Governor Bush wrong on Common Core?”

One Facebook questioner asked Rubio to: “Describe one action you would do to make the economic environment more favorable for small businesses and entrepreneurs and anyone dreaming of opening their own business.”

Kelly asked Rubio: “How do you justify ending a life just because it begins violently, through no fault of the baby?”

Kelly also asked: “So I put the question to you about God and the veterans, which you may find to be related.”

As Donald Trump’s campaign has pointed out, Fox News’s vice president of news and Washington managing editor, Bill Sammon, is the father of Marco Rubio’s press secretary, Brooke Sammon.

“The Fox News executive who oversees the debate process, [his] daughter is a senior executive on the Marco Rubio campaign,” Trump’s campaign manager told CNN. “He’s one of the executives on Fox that writes the debate questions so maybe he has his own ulterior motives… maybe he should disclose that before he’s writing the debate questions for Fox.”

Fox News’s founder, Rupert Murdoch, is a co-chair of what is arguably one of the biggest immigration lobbying firms in the country, The Partnership for a New American Economy. Via his lobbying firm, Murdoch has endorsed Rubio’s 2013 amnesty bill, as well as Rubio’s 2015 immigration expansion bill. Murdoch has also endorsed President Obama’s trade agenda, which Rubio has said would be the “second pillar” of a President Rubio’s three-pillar foreign policy strategy.

Interestingly, the name of Murdoch’s immigration lobbying firm relies on the “New American” euphemism commonly used to describe the demographic transformation brought on by immigration. For instance, The National Journal has launched “The Next America” project to chronicle America’s becoming a majority-minority country. Similarly, the White House’s immigration initiative is called the “New Americans Project.” And the Latino Victory Foundation and the “National Partnership for New Americans” recently launched the “New American Democracy Campaign” to get as many immigrants as possible to vote.

Marco Rubio’s campaign theme is “A New American Century.”


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