Hillary Clinton to New Hampshire Voters: Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need An ID!

People vote inside of a middle school serving as a voting station on the day of the New Hampshire Primary on February 9, 2016 in Bow, New Hampshire. After months of campaigning, voters across New Hampshire get to go to the polls today to vote for Democratic and Republican presidential …
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s campaign assures people in New Hampshire that they do not need a valid photo ID in order to vote in the state’s Democratic primary.

Clinton promoted on Twitter a page on her website called “What you need to know before the New Hampshire primary.”

“If you have one of these types of photo ID, bring it with you to the polls: A driver’s license from any state; a non-driver’s ID from any state; a U.S. Military ID; U.S. passport; another photo ID containing your name and photograph that the election official determines is acceptable; or a student ID from a valid NH high school or college. All IDs must be current or expired for less than five years,” the campaign said.

“Don’t have any of those? That’s okay, you can still vote by signing a brief, sworn statement.”

Clinton has been growing increasingly desperate as Bernie Sanders leads her in all major polls in New Hampshire. With a relatively weak ground game in the Granite State, and vanishing support from white voters nationally, Clinton has made opposition to voter ID laws a major plank in her campaign platform.

Clinton has also tried to find other ways to boost her vote turnout. In Florida, for instance, where she has no apparent ground game at all, Clinton assured residents of Puerto Rico that they could move to central Florida to vote.


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